About me

⚳ Kisa/Ceres ⚳ 1988 ⚳ artist ⚳ Icelandic ⚳

Inga G. Vald. is my (shortened) name, but you can call me Kisa, or Ceres! On the internet I go by the handle "Mánarkisan" (manarkisan), which means "moon cat" in Icelandic. I've used that name since around 2006 as a username on various platforms, and since mid-late 2010's I've used "manarkisan" as my artist name on my artworks.

I'm from Iceland, and I like to create stuff, especially drawing pictures.

I also sometimes make 3d models, music, animation, and I also dabble a little bit in making games and this website (which you're looking at it right now).

My interests&hobbies includes:

making art, Japanese street fashion, animations (anime, cartoons, indie stuff u find on yt), comics (manga, webcomics, etc), dnd (playing, and painting minis),

playing video games (sims, minecraft, flash games, other games that I pick up and play until I either finish them or get bored of them. I'm not a hardcore gamer!),

I've drawn pictures since I remember. At first it were drawings of stick figures, and after my teacher in 1st grade compulsary school told the class to stop drawing stick figures, the characters I drew became a little thicker. Later, I realized that making art is a powerful tool to show my thoughts and imagination in a more physical form, and for a little kid who barely made a sound due to shyness, it was used as some sort of a communication device.

As a teenager, I discovered manga and then later anime (Japanese comics and animation, respectively.) That discovery had such an impact on me, that my drawings became heavely anime-inspired, and my dreams for the future went from having none at all, to wanting to make comics and animation, mayhaps even go to Japan to work in the anime/manga/gaming industry.

A little earlier though, I started dabbling in drawing pictures in MS Paint. Usually it wassome kind of weird monsters, irregular shapes with an eye inside and colored inside with lots of bright colors, but I also made pictures of people, figures, and other weird things a kid/ young teenager would draw when bored.

Those interests started my interest of learning on more programs that dealt with making art, video-editing, and other creative ways of creating fun stuff. My interests in Japanese anime&manga and making art with a computer led me to seek education outside of my hometown to Reykjavík, at first to Borgarholtsskóli (uppeer secondary school) learning artsy, creative digital stuff; and later to University of Iceland, learning Japanese language and culture, including 1 year abroad in Japan as an exchange student; and then just recently to Reykjavík Academy of Digital Entertainment (RADE) learning MORE digital artsy stuff.

Well, that's a doozy. I hope you'll enjoy my website and if you're interested in hiring me for work, please send me an email at manarkisan [at] gmail [dot] com.