website to do

Just a place for me to add things I need to add to this website.
  • make a newer and better banner/header image
  • nicer buttons
  • finish writing the "about me"
  • cv: in a nice pictureform
  • gifs on different page?
  • program use ability (call it proficiency? :3 )
  • redo buttons
  • site names (this page + others is still has animation in its title lol)
  • background
  • index page
more to come and some'll go, eventually.
      added stuff to:
  • portfolio: matte painting
  • portfolio: 3D
    1. fixed animation page
      css work
      made a new banner
      new background
      new decided how to do the illustration page (29.06.2020.02:10am)
  • guestbook
  • fun stuff that isn't really part of my portfolio
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